Our Clients Say

“I am an active duty army officer and physician serving in the state of Texas. Mr. Steinberg accepted my case on an emergent basis nearly two years ago and provided much needed legal representation in the state of Nevada pertaining to child custody issues, as well as back child support and alimony.

Cannot imagine a more highly competent family lawyer in Las Vegas than Mr. Steinberg. He was very, very thorough in all preparations requiring multiple court appearances. Whats more, I prevailed every single time thanks to his aggressive representation even against difficult odds. Strenuously recommend Mr. Steinberg for any case requiring a family attorney.”

– M.T.B., MD MAJ, US Army

“Good Morning Brian: Good job yesterday and thank you for all your help on my case. I’m glad I retained you rather than trying to go it alone pro se. The attorneys on the other side were relentless in seeking the custodial & support modification (even after being given guidance by the judge last time). I’m not so sure I would have fared as well with that type of bullying. But, with your calm demeanor and knowledge of the law you were able to easily advocate for me and point out that they failed to meet the standards under Nevada law to even to move to trial. The result was a victory for the good guys and a loss for the bullies who make unfounded accusations and create needless havoc in their wake. I’ll be keeping you on retainer just in case they try some new tricks.”


– T.F.

“The mediation process was altogether a positive experience during a difficult time. We were able to divorce and create a parenting plan that works for us. Brian was exceptional – he didn’t pick sides and created a non-confrontational environment. Mediation saved us thousands.”

– S.L.

Brian mediated our divorce because neither my ex- or I wanted a typical 50/50 split. It was more important to me to have a lump sum than monthly alimony. My ex- also didn’t like having everything public (mediation is private). In 3 sessions, Brian had us agreeing on custody time with our children and how we split our home, cars, debts & investments. My ex- and I actually communicate better now than we did before the divorce (lol!) Thank you, Brian – you’re the best!

– D.M.

“Steinberg Law Group’s professionalism and brilliant legal advice is unparalleled. Brian Steinberg and his staff, are knowledgeable, kind, ethical, and responsive to all the inquiries you may have as a client to better understand the facets of your legal case. Brian successfully negotiated a divorce settlement for me, which included the full custody of my special need children. Brian is hard-working and highly devoted to each and every case on his agenda. In court, he is beyond prepared and professional. He has my highest recommendation, and I envy anyone fortunate to work with him in the future. He is a true gem.”

– N.B.P.

“Thank you again for a job well done. Please advise me as soon as the subpoena is issued, when the decree is ready and if there is anything I need to do to facilitate collection of what I have been awarded. Hopefully this can all happen quickly. Keep up the great job!”

– M.S.

“It’s been a long time since my divorce and child custody case was finalized. Around 7 years ago. Whenever I talk to a friend about their divorce, it’s always traumatic for them. Brian handled mine and it wasn’t traumatic at all. My name didn’t get trashed, I can still talk to my ex about our kids, and my kids and I have a good relationship. I’ll always be grateful.”

– P.B.

“Brian knocked it out of the park! My child support and alimony were reduced to a level I could afford.”

– J.L.

“Thank you for helping me through a tough time.  I came to Steinberg Law Group  because I lost my job and couldn’t find one that paid even close to what I had been making.  They got my child support and alimony reduced so that I don’t have to deal with the D.A.’s office anymore.”



Consulting with a lawyer before you decide to hire them is always a good idea.  Meeting with one of our firm’s family law attorney’s, face to face or via a phone consultation, will demonstrate how we will handle your case.  You can decide for yourself : Are they knowledgeable?  Do they listen?  Are they helpful and understanding?

A consultation is also an opportunity to find out about the family law process, the costs involved, how long a case might take and other basic information about the law.  While lawyers are prohibited from giving legal advise to non-clients, these consultations very often help parties understand the issues for themselves, which can only lead to better decision about their own future.  We find that clients who have all the facts make smarter choices.

Steinberg Law Group is happy to provide consultations since the consultation also gives us the chance to stand out from other family law firms.  At our firm, confidence in our ability to provide good results for clients shows during these consultations and for us, that’s a good thing.

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