Learn the specifics of annulments in Las Vegas and elsewhere

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An annulment is a legal means to nullify a marriage because there was some legal reason why the marriage was not valid at the time of the parties’ marriage. Some reasons why a marriage might not be valid are too much alcohol by both parties, fraud by one of the parties, and mutual mistake between the parties. Some people want an annulment for religious purposes and other people want an annulment for legal purposes because they want the marriage to be void. Britney Spears famously annulled her shotgun Las Vegas marriage on account that she ‘lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage’.

A Las Vegas annulment is possible in Nevada if the parties were married here or if the parties reside here. For example, if the parties get married in Las Vegas but reside in Los Angeles, they can obtain an annulment of their marriage in Las Vegas. Annulments are not normally good legal actions to bring to trial. The reason is because it is very difficult to prove fraud or any other basis for the annulment to be granted by the Court. However, if the parties agree to the annulment, then the parties can agree upon the basis for the annulment and the annulment will usually be granted by the Court in Clark County. While these actions can be resolved quite quickly, the pleadings must be carefully drafted to insure that the annulment will be granted by the Court.