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Lists and Apps and Balance


Hillary Torchin is our Vice President of Relationship Marketing.  She is a featured writer for Las Vegas Woman Magazine.  Click here for her latest article, or continue reading below :

The roses need to be pruned was my first thought upon waking today. It’s Monday morning and I should be thinking about work by coming up with new ways for people to learn about divorce mediation. Instead, I started an internal household to-do list of everything I need to do and everything I didn’t get done over the weekend. Like the roses.Hmmm, it’s Monday, laundry day and I gotta get that check to the bank on my lunch hour all while I’m starting a mental grocery shopping list.

As women do, we balance so much stuff; we often don’t have the luxury of only focusing on work tasks. It’s wondering what you are going to prepare for dinner and making vacation plans and getting our kids to the lab for a blood test in addition to There’s a client meeting today, then a networking event, what should I wear and which shoes won’t kill my feet? We take on projects, like a fundraiser for a non-profit organization six months away thinking, I can make time for that.

It’s not that we can’t focus on one task at a time; it’s that so many things are coming at us at once, it’s hard to take the time to focus on any one of them. A while ago, I went to a class in office systemization that gave me some perspective on dealing with the onslaught of information coming my way every day. I learned that writing a top 10 to-do list at the end of each day was one way that successful people stay organized.

Before going to bed, write a list of 10 things to accomplish the following day. I’ve done it and there is great satisfaction in crossing off each of those items. The key is finding the time to actually write it down each night.

Then there are the phone apps. I started using apps on my smart phone—such as grocery shopping lists and reminders—to help keep my household running smoothly. I set alarms to bring in the dry cleaning, as well as to pick it up and to set out the recycling. Even to pick up my kid from school, which is definitely something I better remember to do.

I hope these tips help you keep your mind more in balance so that you can concentrate on both your work and your home life. With all of these lists and apps, you would think I would have pruned those roses by now… oh well, there’s always next weekend.

Hillary Torchin is VP of Relationship Marketing for Steinberg Law Group, a firm focused on family law. Her goal is to educate the public about the benefits of divorce mediation. She can be reached at