Family Law in Las Vegas

Family Law Las Vegas

Here at the Steinberg Law Group, our primary focus is on Family Law in Las Vegas. This includes divorce and divorce mediation, child custody law, and paternity law. We are also happy to offer these services:

Our past and current case load for our Las Vegas family law attorneys and divorce attorneys include many types of cases. They involve matters of relocation, including Haig Convention issues, domestic violence, and protective orders. When necessary, we have experience retaining expert witnesses. They can be for business appraisals, financial fraud, mismanagement issues, real estate and personal property appraisals, and other legal expertise as needed. We also handle prenuptial agreements, annulments, spousal law, legal separations and actions between unmarried partners.

One of our qualified family lawyers personally handles your case, not a paralegal. We are 100% devoted to the practice of family law in Las Vegas. When you come into our office, you can rest assured that a family lawyer recognized by the State Bar of Nevada will handle your case. Our family law associates can help you get your family legal action settled with no hassle and in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Divorce Attorneys

While the attorneys at Steinberg Law Group handle more diverse types of family law then just divorce, we are well-known as divorce attorneys.  We are all child advocates, and fight hard to make sure that kids are not bargaining chips, but that their needs are considered first.  We have years of experience in divorce and related fields, and will put all of that time to work for you.  Our divorce attorneys know how to battle stubborn exes and those who won’t listen to reason.

Kids in a divorce
We are child advocates first

Las Vegas Law Experts

Every city and state in the country has their own set of laws regarding divorce.  Our divorce attorneys and family lawyers are experts in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Brian Steinberg himself has been instrumental in changing some of Clark County, Nevada’s own laws, as in the landmark case of Rivero V. Rivero, wherein some of the variables in the language of a custody case are more adequately defined and explained.
Las Vegas is home to over 2 million people and growing.  It’s important to  have qualified legal counsel available, and our experienced Las Vegas family lawyers are here for you.  You don’t talk to paralegals when you visit us, you talk to a fully-qualified, licensed, and current attorney.

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