Do It Yourself (DIY)? Maybe not the best idea…

It’s come to my attention that many of the phone calls to my law firm are from people that think that all they need is a form in order to proceed with a legal issue. LegalZoom and other DIY-type firms have led many people to think that if they just produce the correct form, legal matters will be handled correctly.

Unfortunately, that is often not the case. An experienced attorney realizes that more often than not, their expertise is necessary to avoid additional legal and financial pitfalls. In an uncontested divorce, for instance, an attorney can give direction when it comes to wording the document to resolve child support, custody, college education and settlements. The Clark County Court System is very busy and while many of the officials there are well-meaning, they are technically not allowed to give legal advise. Also, paperwork must be filed correctly and in detail. It has to be filed within certain time periods. A proper attorney knows all of the rules and regulations and is priceless when it comes to representing you without botching your case.

I have been seeing couples that attempt a DIY divorce, either because they believe it is a simple case or because of the money involved, only to have it rejected by the Court. Any unclear wording or the smallest of errors can cause a divorce action to be put on hold by a judge. It is usually less expensive overall, easier, and faster to prevent bad things from happening during a divorce than it is to undo or repair the damage once it is done. If you count the time and expense, a DIY divorce can be more trouble than if you had spoken to an attorney initially.

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