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How Do I Choose the Right Divorce Attorney?

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Hiring a divorce attorney can be one of the most important and most difficult decisions a person will face. Going through a divorce in Nevada is a complex process with several pitfalls that are all too easy to run into. You need an attorney who can help you to understand the process and at the same Read More

Some Impacts of Bad Conduct in Divorce Proceedings

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People contemplating divorce are faced with many issues of both personal and legal nature. The legal issues facing those contemplating divorce can be complex and daunting. One issue that comes up many times during divorce proceedings is bad conduct and the impact it will have on the proceedings. This article will provide a brief overview Read More

The Effect of Divorce Litigation on Children

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The effect of divorce litigation on children can be devastating. These are the reflections of Gayle Nathan, former Family Court Judge. Depression and Other Negative Effects In one case a twelve year old ended up in a psychiatric facility for a prolonged stay with chronic depression and suicidal thoughts. The medical records established a clear Read More

Counsel, have you spoken to your clients today?

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When clients come to Court to finalize their divorce, the Plaintiff is asked this question, “Is it true you are incompatible in your marriage and that it is impossible to live together as husband and wife?” On one occasion, as the husband was asked this question, he dissolved into tears, his shoulders shook as he Read More

Why It’s Better to Mediate than Litigate!

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So often there is no real conflict. That is, no domestic violence, no addictive behaviors and no reason why two parents can’t co-parent their children. And yet I would have parents and their lawyers battling over the title of “primary custodian”; setting a trial, and engaging in endless discovery to find some little piece of Read More

How will new Nevada same-sex marriages impact the Las Vegas family court system?

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After a federal appeals court upheld gay marriage rulings in Nevada earlier this month, Las Vegas has started to issue its first marriage licenses to same sex couples. Both Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto have said that they will not contest the federal appeals court’s ruling – effectively Read More