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Marriage is a legal contract. Annulments acknowledge that there was some inherent problem with the contract or how it was executed. An example of a successful Las Vegas annulment carried out by a qualified attorney was the Britney Spears/Jason Alexander case. Brian Steinberg was frequently quoted regardingthis case. Brian said, “That was fast. I’m not even sure they had time to have sex.” If they had waited longer than their 55 hour marriage, it would have been harder to obtain an annulment. “The only reason they are getting it done so quickly is that both parties agree. I can imagine there are reasons to getting this thing done lickety-split. If you don’t the longer you let this thing set the more it could turn contested.”

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A Nevada marriage can be annulled quickly

Similar to divorce, an annulment legally terminates the marriage. But it goes on to treat the marriage as if it never existed – it erases the marriage. All legal rights that existed in the marriage become invalid. After you married your spouse, you may have been extremely surprised to discover something that would cause you to seek an annulment, such as not wanting children, a criminal past, etc.  Las Vegas is a city where there seems to be wedding chapels on every corner and just as every marriage is different, every annulment is different. There are a number of reasons to seek one, which are not limited to : if the party was less than 18 at the time of the marriage; if the marriage involved incest or bigamy; if one of the parties was unable to consummate the marriage; or other reasons according to Nevada state annulment law. The evidence to annul a marriage is different from the evidence needed to divorce. We are able to provide many solutions to your annulment dispute such as providing one of our attorneys to stand in as a mediator in your case. The lawyers at the Steinberg Law Group are skilled in this area and can help you determine whether an annulment or divorce is right for you.

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