A Closer Look at the Two Types of Guardianships

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There are two types of guardianships. One type is custody over children who are minors, i.e. less than 18 years old. The second type of guardianship is over adults who need a guardian. An example of a child guardianship would be when a non-parent is taking care of a child and the child has medical needs that require health insurance and/or approval by a non-parent for surgery or other medical procedure. A child might need a guardian if a mother and/or father is not taking care of the child, on drugs, is not fit to care for the child, is incarcerated, has committed a battery against the child, etc. A guardian can be over both the person and estate or over just the person with the estate being handled by another guardian. Here are some helpful resources regarding guardianship in Clark County, but it is critical to consult with an experienced attorney, especially regarding a child guardianship.

Adult guardianships are needed for the following reasons: (1) the ward is physically unable to care for himself; (2) the ward is mentally unable to care for himself; and (3) the ward is unable to manage his own financial affairs. Per the “graying of America,” the need for adult guardianships is expected to increase dramatically. Again, having Las Vegas guardianship counsel who is familiar with Guardianship Court and knows how to handle these matters can make an important difference in obtaining a positive outcome.