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Hello, I am Brian J. Steinberg, attorney. Thanks for visiting my website. After serving Nevadans for over 18 years with a primary emphasis on Family Law, I’ve come to realize that you need an attorney that not only can litigate a divorce or custody case in Las Vegas, but is also willing to settle these cases whenever the client can obtain a very good settlement out of court.

Of course, there are times when litigation is necessary. The attorneys at the Steinberg Law Group have successfully represented thousands of clients in Las Vegas divorce, custody and other family law cases, just like yours. You’ll get the help you’re looking for and the respect you deserve. We handle a full range of family law matters. Let us help you with all your Las Vegas family law needs.

There are also parties who understand that their divorce action can be much better resolved out of court using our Divorce Mediation attorneys in Las Vegas. Divorce Mediation can save you time and money while delivering customized solutions that oftentimes better suit the needs of both parties. That is why Steinberg Law Group also utilizes Divorce Mediation to better serve our clients who want their divorce kept private, out of court, and to include creative and mutually acceptable solutions for both parties that they simply could not obtain in a litigated divorce.

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Divorce Mediation Case Study

Divorce Mediation

A husband and wife from Las Vegas came in for an initial consultation and to learn about how the divorce mediation process works. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys met with them, and they decided to move forward with mediation. They both filled out financial information that Brian Steinberg summarized on a spreadsheet. The parties met with Brian and discussed dividing their assets, property and bills. A parenting plan was discussed and both Husband and Wife were sent home to think about it.

At the next meeting, the parenting plan was agreed to. An outline of the separation agreement was prepared. After both Husband and Wife left the office, the agreement and the division of assets and debts were emailed.

At the last meeting, all of the official court documents were signed. Steinberg Law Group submitted the documents to the court. Then, a judge signed the documents and the divorce was final.

The entire mediation process took 1 month and neither Husband or Wife ever went to Court.

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